I am Amy Swinarton, a wife to Scott and a mother to three incredible sons. I am grateful for my life experiences, including the challenging ones. Without them I doubt I would be here, getting the opportunity to support and cheer you on!


I have always had an appreciation for health and wellness. I never gave much thought to specific diets; moderation is how I have always approached eating. My husband Scott and I moved to Vermont not long after we were married because we love to spend time outdoors. City commutes and suburban life were sapping our energy. We have been so fortunate to live and raise our children in such a spectacular place. 


When my youngest son was an infant I had a severe bout of what I thought was a virus, followed by feeling generally fatigued, foggy, and not like myself. Various disturbing symptoms began to creep in, come and go. I remember watching my children play outside from the window one snowy day, too tired to participate, and thinking that this must be life after child number three, my doctor afterall, had said the same thing. My typically focused, high energy self had taken an extended sabbatical! Doctor visits, blood tests, and eventually x-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds were unproductive. Several years and many symptoms later (that culminated in a full-on crash) I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Bartonellosis. The perfect storm of tick borne infections! I was a very sick person.


It has been a long and arduous journey back to more balanced health. A true marathon of ups and downs that I still participate in but to a much lesser degree! I have been deeply fortunate to have the best Lyme practitioners behind me along with many other healers. I recall one low day writing a journal entry that simply stated "I wish I had a cheerleader". I am pleased to be this person for you!


I have learned so much in the last years about nutrition, wellbeing, and what it means to be truly healthy, along with what it's like to live with a chronic illness. I look forward to sharing this knowledge and wisdom with you!


Speak with you soon,