The first time I ever heard the term Lyme disease I was in high school back in the 1980's. At this point in time there were very few diagnosed cases, perhaps none on Long Island where I grew up. I spent several years helping out a young family with their two little boys. Over many years their mom became frighteningly ill with no medical answers to speak of. I vividly remember eating dinner one night (peas on my plate...) when my mother announced that our friend had finally been diagnosed. She had an illness called Lyme disease and it was from the bite of a miniscule tick. I couldn't understand how a "bug bite" could make someone so sick! Her struggle with this unknown illness affected me profoundly.


One high school speech and a college admissions essay later (Bo-real-ia Berg-dorf-er-i), I carried Lyme disease information around in my back pocket. I never thought I would one day be challenged by this insidious illness myself. Have I mentioned I believe that all things happen for a reason? So here I am today, passionate about providing insight, guidance, as well as awareness around these severe infections.


Are you wondering how a Health Coach can benefit someone with a chronic illness? Our bodies innately know how to heal. When we get a cut, it heals. When we get a virus, our body tells us to rest and we heal. In these instances we don't need to do too much to help the process along. But when illness strikes and becomes ongoing our body often stops fighting its way back to a homeostatic state (balanced). It begins to believe that the imbalanced, diseased state is normal. Proper nutrition, detoxification, stress reduction, and exercise can be the push your body needs to move towards balanced health and conventional medical practitioners don't always have the time or knowledge to incorporate these into a treatment plan. Self care can be very empowering, helping us to feel more in control and optimistic. And having an unbiased support person to listen is healing in and of itself.


I sincerely believe that the energy you could expend alone, contemplating what to do next, what to eat, and how to live, could be much better utilized for healing by passing some of this off to another.


A Lyme literate physician or specialist specific to your condition is paramount but there is much we can do to give our bodies a hand in getting well. Are you ready to step in and take action? You are well worth the investment! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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