You are amazing, I would not be getting the proper medical help if it weren't for your expertise and guidance!



Thank you Amy for helping me get to a knowledgable Lyme doctor and for helping me organize my supplements and learn about the proper foods to benefit my body! Thank you again!



I found Amy in a very difficult moment in my life and I am so glad that I did! I had been fighting candida and had also recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I had been to health coaches before that had helped me with some of my candida issues, but I wanted one that could do a little bit more and I am thankful to have found Amy. Amy is patient, incredibly practical, and very sincere in her desire to help her clients. I was often very touched by the little gestures she made like sending recipes, samples (which didn’t benefit her in any way), and giving practical suggestions that touched all areas of my life, not just my immediate health issues. With her help I have been able to learn how to analyze some of my own challenges and find solutions which I can implement on my own. I was even in a very toxic job environment that was not benefitting my health situation, but Amy’s guided self-analysis helped me to see that this was an area of my life that I was truly not happy with. This gave me the motivation to find a new job which has given me the flexibility and quality of life that I need, as I continue to improve on my journey of healing. Many of the tips that Amy suggested I use every day and have even begun teaching them to my sister and my friends when they are in similar situations. Amy is also incredibly responsive and prompt with responses to questions and follow up from our sessions, which is an area that past health coaches have not been so exemplary in. I would recommend Amy in a heartbeat! She truly cares and is fantastic at what she does!








I am feeling so much better with the dietary changes and supplements that we have added in.



Amy is a wonderful, caring person and an amazing Health Coach! I am so grateful for the time she has spent with me; helping me find my specific path to good health. When I first started working with Amy I was feeling mentally foggy, overwhelmed, stressed, and pretty low. Knowing that I have always been sensitive to sugar, I suspected that my excess sugar and caffeine consumption was contributing. Amy helped me recognize what was triggering my sugar cravings, how my body responds to sugar, and how positive diet changes could impact my issues. I appreciate the calm, patient way ahe shares her thoughts and recommendations. Her coaching has had a very positive impact on my life. I am free of the mental fog, happy, eating healthy, and motivated to achieve some new career goals. Thank you Amy!


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