The Dust Is Settling

I am so happy to be here!

As all-out, gung ho as I was to get The Well Connection up and running back in the summer, Life, as it often does, had other plans. I had an unexpected Lyme and coinfection relapse; or adventure as I prefer to call it. As eager as I was to push through (a shocker; I know) I soon realized it wasn't going to happen. Being able to stay awake, focus, and walk without holding onto the wall are all kind of necessary when beginning an exciting new venture. Particularly one focused around optimal health! So, I gave into it; again. Stepped up self-care; I get it now, really! Made sure I got plenty of downtime alone, not so simple with 3 busy kids. And of course, focused on clean eating. These things, along with the support of my outstanding Lyme practitioners, have me stepping into the light once again.

In that vein, I am more inspired than ever and ready to take on the next adventure with you!

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