A Quick Post on Air Purifiers

Someone from the San Francisco Bay Area reached out to me yesterday and asked if I could recommend an air purifier; her home was contaminated with smoke from the fires and she suffers from seasonal allergies which cause fatigue and chronic sinus issues. I recommended my top choice air purifier and it was delivered to her home the same day, she was very happy.

The air we breathe is right up there with the purity of our drinking water and I recommend that clients open windows and let some fresh air into their homes every few days. With seasonal pollens or low air quality from smoke and pollution, this is not always beneficial.

We began using air purifiers in our Vermont home when one of my sons was a baby, a typical cold would lead to severe wheezing and around the clock nebulizer treatments (he outgrew this fortunately), our dogs fur seemed to exacerbate things also. We installed air purifiers around our home to eliminate pet dander and keep germs/viruses as low as possible with three young children. We were happily surprised when we noticed that common illnesses that typically spread amongst our three children, such as colds or stomach viruses, no longer did, and common illnesses in general diminished significantly in our household. Everyone was healthier! This was dramatic. We also noticed that our home had very minimal dust accumulation, an added bonus.

Last year we added two new types of air purifiers to our home after doing some construction which created typical construction dust, and finding some mold hidden behind a wall in a bathroom remodel. While repeat mold testing of our home did not indicate contamination, we knew cleaning the air would only help safeguard against any stray spores that may have escaped the remediation.

Air purifiers quickly remove dust, pet dander, pollens, mold, viruses, bacteria, smoke, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). When we are exposed to these things our bodies mount an immune response against the allergen which expends energy that our bodies need to keep us functioning at our best. For those working to heal from health imbalances, exposure to allergens raises the burden on the body and our systems need to work harder and expend more energy to get us into balance. For those that are in balance already, added immune responses can cause a low energy day or two which we never equate to anything specific, but a burden on the body is occurring.

What I like the most about having air purifiers around my house: cooking smells are sucked out of the air quickly, germs in the air are reduced, minimal to no dust on surfaces, the air feels very fresh and clean, allergens from our dog, mold spores and pollens that waft through open doors and windows are eliminated, and VOC’s from new products that enter our home such as furniture, rugs, etc.. get reduced.

If you are dealing with low air quality where you live, or you have contemplated purchasing an air purifier, the models I use and recommend are (click on each for website):

Molekule: top notch, so quiet, attractive design, destroys the smallest of bacterias, viruses, and molds, can be moved around the home easily, pricey but worth it, delivered same day if you live in San Francisco proper. Top photo.

AirFree: a small, compact, silent model that incinerates allergens, no filters to change or replace, a good price, comes in black or white, very portable! Middle photo.

Whirlpool: this larger workhorse unit is the one we’ve had for 14 years, they are still going strong when I use them, hepa filter has a very long life and pre filters only need changing every few months. Despite its size its fairly inconspicuous, has three power levels, keeps airborne illnesses away, sucks in dust and pet hair, great price. Pictured here to the right.

Lastly, if you are in California and exposed to smoke at this time, please take good care of yourself. Wear a mask if possible when you need to be outdoors, stay inside until air quality improves, hopefully within a few days.

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