Thank You, Liver

My body still needs extra attention and TLC. It let’s me know.

When I think of how much healing has occurred in my body it overwhelms me. I am deeply appreciative and grateful!

So I am thanking it again, today.

Our bodies are incredible, complex systems. Think about what your body does to keep you fully functioning and alive each and every day. Do your lungs ever miss a breath? Does your heart decide to take a few minutes off and stop beating? When we consume the wrong foods and drinks, expose ourselves to chemicals and toxins, our bodies still process and break them all down to keep us going.

On top of this 24 hour a day, unconditional functioning, it communicates to us! It tells us through hunger, fatigue, pain etc.. when we need to change things up to maintain or return to balance.

Thank and appreciate your body. Listen and give it what will make it happy and help it to thrive. Lighten its load when possible. It deserves it, don’t you think?



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