Self Care; Do You Practice This?

Happy fall everyone. I hope its off to a beautiful start for you. Here in Vermont the weather has been perfect with lot’s of sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. The leaves are just beginning to make their technicolor transformation; always a dramatic, albeit too short, period of time.

I am feeling a tad delinquent in the posting department! Do you know that feeling when you have so much to say that you don’t know where to begin? Instead of “beginning” I will draw on the fact that I continue to apprehend how necessary self care is for me. If I slack off, falling back into doing, doing, doing mode with less being and less self awareness, Life gives me a nudge in one form or another (inflammation) to remind me to get back on my own healing path. In other words; consciously taking steps to create balance (health).

So today, we are talking about self care. Do you practice self care? Just the name sounds indulgent and needy, don’t you think?

Often we think of taking care of ourselves as eating healthy and getting adequate sleep. What happens in the remaining 16 hours of the day is left up to chance. We go through our day reacting to the days events without ever tuning into ourselves. In time we wonder why we don’t feel fulfilled and ultimately nourished by life. Illness can manifest. I think this is very common amongst mothers and caregivers as tending to others needs becomes a habit (unconscious) and in time we lose little pieces of ourselves. We become imbalanced and our body, mind, and spirit can suffer.

Without ever making time for ourselves and our needs, feelings of burn out, overwhelm, and an overall lack of purpose and joy can result. This is detrimental to our immune systems and psyches!

Not. Good.

Self care is essential. FYI, if you are waiting for permission in some form, no one is going to give it to you; but please consider this my permission if you would like. And, no one can do it for you.

A few benefits of consciously tuning into yourself and creating balance are that

life is fulfilling and energizing. When we feel this way we are motivated and more inclined to eat healthy and exercise. We feel more creative and learn to listen to our intuition. Physical health is improved. It’s the proverbial positive snowball effect!

An added bonus (perhaps the best part) is that when you practice self care you will be happier and healthier, benefitting you and those around you, while giving those around you permission to do the same. This is a serious win!

It also doesn’t need to eat up half your day and cost you a paycheck. No fancy spa needed!

Some ideas:

  • Beginning the day with some positive thoughts before jumping out of bed

  • Taking a nap/rest, even if feeling decent, or taking a day long siesta

  • Buying and preparing healthy foods that work for you

  • Meeting a friend for lunch, tea, or a walk

  • Saying no to a request

  • Adding music into your daily activities

  • Staying in on Friday night

  • Getting alone time

  • Going to bed early

  • Meditating

  • Taking an epsom salt bath or sauna

  • Being in a routine that allows for taking medications, herbs, and supplements

  • Taking a media holiday

  • Doing a favorite activity

  • Getting an acupuncture treatment or a massage

  • Getting a babysitter

You get the gist here. You may need to enact one practice per week or several (perhaps more) in one day. Listen to your body and tend to yourself to create health, happiness, and balance. It’s not indulgent, its honoring yourself and its necessary.

I would love to hear how you practice self care so share if you feel inclined!

Be well,


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