Take Action To Move Towards Balanced Health With Lyme and Co-infections

Do you have Lyme disease and co-infections? Continue to take action for your health!

There are some fortunate individuals that recover from chronic Lyme and co-infections without having to do much beyond taking medications and herbs; and this alone is an epic feat! For many though, stepping in with extra supportive measures is necessary and needs to be ongoing; not always simple when horribly ill and trying to maintain some semblance of your old life.

A.k.a. keep taking action to move towards balanced health.

The quickie message here? Don't stop looking for answers for what you as an individual are experiencing, keep trying new things on your healing journey to bring you closer to balanced health, and re-try old things that didn't seem all that effective (timing is everything, I can attest to this). When I have eliminated or added new foods at various times, stepped up detoxification through various means, sought out the help of my acupuncturist, chiropractor or other healers, got myself to yoga day after day despite being in pain, it has always been at the right time for me, peeling away at another layer of the Lyme and co-infection picture.

What have you done lately to take healing to the next level?

Is there an action you can take that you feel in your gut might be beneficial?

Whatever action you choose to take, it doesn't need to be complicated; could be as simple as tracking symptoms more closely, tightening up anti-inflammatory eating after the holidays (or possibly learning about anti-inflammatory eating), stepping up or employing new detoxification methods, or addressing adrenal fatigue or candida more directly. Often a dietary change can be what is needed to eliminate the last few lingering symptoms so wherever you are in your journey back to health, there can be benefits.

Take control of your journey to balanced health and ask for support if you need it. I am happy to answer any questions through my website, by phone, or through Facebook. Much of what I do with clients involves supportive measures for mind, body, and spirit and the improvements and gains are awesome!

**Always be sure to speak with your practitioner before trying any new supplements, herbs, essential oils, or anything that might cause additional herxheimer reactions or interfere with your current health regimen.

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