Pau D'Arco Tea; Drink Your Way to Improved Health

Your health and wellbeing involves active participation on your part, which is why I am going to talk about a powerful herb that you can add into your health regimen. It is called Pau D’Arco and since the word crosses my lips almost daily I figured I’d share the information here. The reason I talk about Pau D'Arco so often is because as the box so simply states, its for all that bothers you!

Whether you want to increase immunity because your kids are passing the cold or flu around your house, you have a bacterial, parasitic, or fungal infection, or you want to add to your detoxification regimen, this revered South American healing herb is for you. All you need is a teacup, some boiling water, and a box of teabags from the health food store.

Pau D’Arco is a tree that grows in South America and its inner bark is called lapachol. Lapachol is the trees primary healing component but it also contains quercetin and flavanoids. Lapachol’s amazing health benefits include:

  • Increased immunity

  • Anti-viral: slowing, inhibiting, and killing viruses from the common cold and flu to various herpes viruses and Epstein Barr.

  • Anti-fungal: useful against candida albicans, a fungus which causes yeast infections, and aspergillis

  • Anti-parasitic: useful against malaria, which means its probably useful against Babesia, a severe tick-borne infection

  • Anti-bacterial: useful against the bacterial spirochete Syphilis which is very much like the Lyme bacterium, Borrellia bergdorferi

  • Anti-cancer: may inhibit tumor growth and metastasis

  • Blood purifyer

  • Stimulates red blood cell production

Do you see why keeping this tea in your pantry is so worthwhile? A few cups a week is great if you have balanced health but daily if you are looking to evade the latest bug that’s going around or you are dealing with re-activated viruses; a very common issue among chronic Lyme patients as the immune system gets so down regulated that dormant viruses such as cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, and herpes virus 6, often get reactivated further overloading the immune system. For candida/yeast infection I recommend this at certain times throughout my protocol that I give to clients but again, a daily cup will help take levels down while strengthening your immune system and detoxifying your body.

I hope you will consider adding this tea to your routine. I often sip some while I am making dinner or in the evening. It tastes a bit earthy but a few drops of lemon juice or stevia and it is quite good.

Get some teabags today,


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