How To Shift Out Of A Worry/Anxiety State

Worry is a negative emotion that is rarely productive but it is often a part of life. Whether it's over having a sick child, a health condition, or your job, it is a state we all don’t want to be in. Fortunately it is a state that we can get out of with a few simple, yet profound, tools.

You are not at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings folks. This is a fantastic, beautiful thing!

First-off lets look at the spectrum of worry as there are different levels to this and I am referring to the more intense worry with repetitive thoughts to mild anxiety. And please discuss any worry and anxiety with your health care practitioner if you feel its affecting your day to day living. There are supplements and herbs that are quite effective in dealing with anxiety but best to begin with some input from your doctor and proceed from there.

Concern. This is very often a healthy, productive state as you are confronted with the issue and you take steps to remedy it. This could be researching a health issue, speaking with your child’s teacher, taking your dog to the vet. You are thinking constructively and taking steps forward.

Worry. This is one rung up on the ladder and while it still can be constructive it can quickly tip into the draining and unproductive end of the spectrum as thoughts of uncertainty and what could happen in the future tend to consume our minds repeatedly. It takes you out of the present and you lose the capacity to be experiencing the here and now which we all know is a much better place to be!

Anxiety. The highest rung here and includes worrying excessively and being solely focused on the issue, often for several hours per day, and can include imaginary fears and perceptions. Physical symptoms can accompany this such as increased heart rate, and blood pressure, sweating, nervousness, twitching, poor sleep etc... Anxiety is a very, very common symptom of chronic tick-borne infections, often Bartonella, and I can tell you it is No FUN!

Steps to take when you are in this state:

Conscious breathing/ grounding.

You need to get out of your head and more into your physical body.

Wiggle your toes and feel your feet on the floor. Then, feel your breath going in and out of your nose, then take it down and focus on feeling your belly rise and fall. To really get your energy down where you want it to go, feel or visualize breathing down into your legs, like your lower body is a balloon.


You can’t have two separate thoughts running on a loop in your head at the same time, at least as far as I know! Replacing the negative thoughts with a repeated phrase such as “All is well”, is very effective. Even if all is not well truly, your subconscious will adopt what you say. And after a minute or two of repeating your affirmation, even if you fully don’t believe all is well, you will have halted the loop of negative thoughts and probably realize you feel much calmer. Sometimes this subtle shift is all that’s needed. And use any phrase you like; I am well, I am healing, I am okay, or thank you.

Shelving it.

After grounding yourself through the above breathing etc..., envision yourself putting the worry in a little box, closing the lid, and putting the box up on a shelf. Follow this up with a few more conscious breaths and that is it! You can come back to it later if necessary. This practice is so simple yet so profound, I really hope you will try it.

Write it down.

Writing can be a really great discharge as you get the thoughts out of your head and onto the paper. Rereading what’s written often helps us to realize that the issue isn’t so big. Done. Talking to someone, speaking the words out loud also can also work in this way, discharging the thoughts and providing clarity around the topic.

I hope you will try out some of these simple tools for increased health and well-being. Healing in all its forms from general anti-aging to tissue repair and optimal immune function happen when we are relaxed and balanced.

Be well,


For ongoing worry and anxiety please speak with your doctor or medical practitioner as it could be the sign of an underlying medical condition.

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