Feel your breath, stay in the moment; feeling grateful for the tools and awareness I have to stay ab

Lyme and co-infections have been making for some challenging weeks recently and I cannot help but feel grateful for the practices and tools that have continued to keep me above it and happy in the midst of difficult symptoms.

One such practice that I cannot recommend enough, to anyone in any challenging situation, is to turn off repeating negative thoughts and worries by focus on your breathing or bringing your awareness to the present moment.

Do you practice this?

Yesterday morning, feeling poorly for the eighth day in a row with the addition of some muscle tightness, I got my kids to school, fed my shrinking body, and got back in bed. FYI, I resist being in bed during the daytime, preferring the less seemingly sickly nature of the couch; maybe you can relate. Holding myself together against various symptoms I noticed some thoughts crossing my mind that might be familiar to you.

“This is pathetic.”

“Another wasted day.”

“Is it really 11:00 a.m. already?”

“I can't believe I am doing this again.”

“What if I feel this way again tomorrow?”

Upon realizing what was happening, observing and feeling the constricted nature of these thoughts, and because I know better, I brought my attention fully to my breathing to stop the thought loop. After just a few breaths muscles relaxed and I felt so much better. A complete shift had occurred. Had my other symptoms disappeared? No but I was relaxed which allows healing to happen and I was able to discern what I needed to do to help myself in that moment. The focus of the symptoms was gone.


The quickie reminder, and its not always easy to do, is to stay in the moment, breathe, and try to relax as much as possible when in a difficult situation that tests your will, patience, and peace. Our bodies balancing and healing mechanisms do not function optimally when we are nervous and tense. You will also make better choices for yourself and be more in tune with your needs when you are present and calm.

As simple as it sounds, just breathe! Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.


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