Lyme Disease; A Few Helpful Things

Hello Friends. As many with chronic Lyme and tick-borne infections know, you amass a large toolbox over time of “tools”, or treatment modalities, that help you, beyond how you treat with your Lyme practitioner. Full patient participation is required to heal from these imbalances as it is with most serious and chronic conditions. After many years of treating Lyme, Babesiosis, and Bartonellosis, and all the associated accoutrements, I could write a book.

Actually I have.... I really need to finish it!

After a surprisingly difficult 2015 in terms of my physical health (please don’t convince yourself that symptoms are from something else like I tend to do, its just not helpful) I am happy to report that 2016 has brought me much more balanced health thus far. While I have had periods of time in the past of feeling better, this feels different. Do I dare say, I could almost be out the other side of the proverbial tunnel?

Don’t. Give. Up.

In this post I want to share a few simple yet profound tools with you that I enlisted in the last months that I think have helped me get to this place. In the fall I went full throttle on various antibiotics and herbs again which certainly got a lot of the job done but these have been impactful, no doubt.

Frankincense oil: An anti-inflammatory game changer!

This fall I was reading about Frankincense oil and its anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-cancer, calming, and detoxifying properties. I have used other oils in the past with success but never tried this one, so I ordered a bottle, put it away, and forgot about it. A few weeks later I awoke at 4:30 a.m. with intense and all too familiar tailbone/sacrum/piriformus pain that I knew would render me unable to go back to sleep. I eventually headed to my coffee maker and there in the cabinet next to my stevia was the Frankincense oil. I applied several drops to the area in hope of some relief. In a mere ten minutes I was pain free. I was also in disbelief at the fast turnaround! In subsequent weeks I continued my experimenting on me and my family members for any pain, not just Lyme associated, and all outcomes were positive. Frankincense is now part of my daily regimen and I am sure the immune boosting qualities have impacted me as well. Be sure to purchase 100% pure oil as many are cut with carrier oils and other ingredients. I use Well Scent essential oils but there are many other options out there too.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood: Reset button in a glass; I need this, maybe you do too.

I had been drinking these antioxidant, free radical fighting, alkalinizing, energizing, and all-around health boosting green drinks for many years but only a few times per week. I eat plenty of greens and consume green smoothies a few times a week in warmer months so I thought this was enough. As an intuitive eater I noticed I was really wanting these this fall while heavily treating the infections so I increased my consumption to one to two per day, rotating between an immune greens and mushroom formula, wheatgrass alone, and the green superfoods blend. I feel a difference in my state after drinking a glass of these greens! These are a fast and economical method to get nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory grasses such as wheatgrass, barley and alfalfa, along with spirulina, chlorella, brocccoli and so much more into your day. I give the individual serving packets to clients all the time and everyone loves them. Again there are other brands out there that are equally as good. Give this a go and go deeper with the greens!

Far Infrared Heating Pad: A therapeutic surprise.

Being the chilly and oftentimes pain riddled lady that I have been I excitedly asked my husband for this far infrared heating mat from The Sharper Image for Christmas. Its like a heating pad but larger and the far infrared heat, while not too hot to the touch, penetrates three inches deep into the bones, muscles, and tissues of the body; great for pain etc... While we know that pathogens and viruses don’t like heat and that its a sure method to increase circulation, immune function, and raise body temperature (something Lyme patients struggle with) I was in for the warmth and comfort of this alone. I have a sauna, which I use often, so I wasn’t thinking along the lines of therapy at all. A few weeks after Christmas I was having a symptomatic day so I plugged this in for the first time and crawled into bed with it. Fatigue and the deep heat had me asleep in minutes. I awoke three hours (hours) later, deeply toasty. Not sweating, just well heated all the way through my slight frame. Long story short I experienced a severe and unexpected herxheimer reaction that left me in bed for several days, followed by feeling quite good. Clearly some deeply embedded pathogens and toxins were stirred up. While I would never recommend this drastic of an approach this heating mat has continued to have positive effects for me. In the subsequent weeks I continued to use it intelligently for short periods of time; 10, 20 minutes, and I would still feel die-off and toxic effects the next day. Now I can be under it, on it, or wrapped around it for long and relaxing periods with no reaction. This is worth every penny of the $149.99 price tag.

Again, just sharing some inexpensive and simple tools that could be helpful for you too. I have been experimenting with some other antimicrobials, detoxifiers, and immune boosters in the last few months and I will share those with you soon.

Here’s to healing,


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