'Paris in Oakland'; A Book Review

A book review; something new for me on this blog and a nice change. I will definitely be reviewing books from my reference library going forward!

I haven’t read a book pertaining to Lyme disease in a very long time; several years at least. A few weeks ago I was feeling inspired to read something on the subject and as I was perusing books on Amazon, this book, Paris in Oakland, by Eliza Hemenway, showed up in my email inbox. Thank you Eliza!

Divine timing? Absolutely.

Paris in Oakland is a powerful little book. It is an elegant, inspiring, and eye opening true story of a mother caring for her frighteningly ill young daughter while getting no answers or support from mainstream medicine. Katherine, her daughter, eventually is diagnosed with Lyme disease and the harrowing journey that is longterm, undiagnosed Lyme disease unfolds. But in the midst of worry, numerous doctor and hospital visits, and Katherine becoming bedridden and in horrendous pain, Eliza witnesses and receives messages and signs to indicate that she and Katherine are not alone in the difficult journey and that things are happening for a deeper reason; a lifeline when hope is running out. Paris in Oakland is a story of the atrocities of Lyme disease in mainstream medicine, a story of deep faith in a family, and a story of hope. Whatever challenges are happening for you, big or small, this book will remind you to ask for what you need, to look for the deeper meaning in circumstances, and to look and listen for the spiritual messages and guidance we all receive but often overlook in our busy and outward lives. I read Paris in Oakland with a steady uprising of goosebumps. It is a quick and riveting read that you won’t want to put down.

I hope you enjoy this book Friends,


From Amazon

"Every so often, a story of hope makes it's way into a hurting World. Paris in Oakland is that story.

Follow Katherine and her mother, Eliza, as they navigate a medical nightmare seeking treatment for Katherine's Lyme disease. Never imagining an illness could be controversial, Katherine and her mother find themselves caught in the middle of a deeply divided medical community. This proves to be dangerous medicine, leaving young Katherine bedridden, in constant pain and ultimately finding for her life in the pediatric intensive care unit.

From the pen of documentary filmmaker Eliza Hemenway, Paris in Oakland not only exposes the injustices of Lyme disease, but is also a story of faith and a compelling read for anyone suffering sickness or caught in circumstances beyond their control. If you are seeking inspiration, healing or hope, Paris in Oakland is the book for you."

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